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Life Beyond barriers offer a range of tailored services for clients with special needs  and high risk behaviours.  Our staff are trained and experienced to work with clients to help them overcome barriers which restrict them from achieving employment and independent living.

Life Beyond Barriers offers a counselling and case management service in south west Sydney for clients suffering from Depression, Anxiety and Substance abuse.   Our clients need in-depth support and have key barriers in  homelessness, unemployment, history of mental illness, stress, traumatic events and lack of support. We also assists client in health and wellbeing by providing support in healthy eating options, Education, training, fitness plans, Mindfulness and relaxation training.  


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Live LIFE Mentoring is a program developed to address the issues of youth in the Camden and Campbelltown area.  The goal of the Mentoring program is to assist young people with skills to gain employment and overcome barriers that restrict them from achieving success. 


"Breaking Down Barriers and Turning them into New Pathways".

Improving  Health  And Wellbeing