"Breaking Down Barriers and Turning them into New Pathways".

Improving  Health  And Wellbeing 

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About Life Beyond Barriers INC

Life Beyond Barriers was founded by Edward Feuerstein JP  in  April  2014.   Its's board  has been formed      by a group of  professional individuals, who have a caring ambition to help those in need.  The organisation was formed  by the group,  due to a range of gaps  within service delivery  and the lack of them    not meeting  clients needs within the Macarthur region. 

Life Beyond Barriers is a Not-for- Profit organisation, providing assistance and support services in Employment, mental health, wellbeing and Youth services in South West Sydney. 

Our community organisation works with a diverse range of clientele and offers further customised support for people from an indigenous and cultural diverse background.

We work with a range of clients who need further support to overcome key barriers that affect them from achieving their full potential and success in the wider community.